Special Slug Cervo
Ga. 36 (.410")
- 7,5 g (3/11 Oz)

The slug Cervo has always had as objective precision, reliability and safety.

The structure of slug, with the lead firmly anchored to the wad guarantees a flawless precision combined with a great stopping power.

Important, for hunting use, is the lead part that can be deformed up to double its original sectional diameter giving all the residual energy of the slug on impact, creating a lethal shock.

Furthermore, this slug having regard to its ductility is deformed and does not bounce if it draws obstacles hard or rigid, guaranteeing maximum safety.

  ∙ Top penetration power
  ∙ Top Velocity
  ∙ Top Accuracy
  ∙ Top Stopping Power
  ∙ Suitable for all type smoothbore shotgun

Gauge:36 (.410")
Weight:7.5 g (3/11 Oz)
Height:39 mm / 1.53”
Diameter:10.2 mm / 0.401”

25 pcs box

50 pcs box

Our Special Slugs Cervo